John Steele
The Indians
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Creation of
the World

First man journeyed through Mother Earth's four wombs. When they made their final emergence from the womb, they saw the new light. They discovered many new things and sought the priest who were wise even before they entered the new world. Yanauluha was the first priest, and he brought a vessel of ocean water, some seeds and a colorful magic staff from which he produced two white eggs and two blue. Upon being told these eggs were seeds of living things which would make their lives more fruitful, the First People were given a choice. Many were anxious and greedy and picked the pretty blue eggs thinking good things would come from them. Insisted black birds hatched. They became ravens and laughed at the people and flew away. This group became the winter people and they were active and strong. Those who were content with the white eggs, however, saw beautiful colored birds hatch, and they rejoiced as they watched them fly home to the far south. These people became the Summer People, and though they were fewer in number they were gentler and wiser. From these two groups a great council of the people were selected, and some were given sanctions of hereditary priest with powers to control the supernatural forces.

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