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Crow Mother is one of the Mong (Chief) Kachina. She appears on all three Mesas during the Powamu (Bean dance) in February. She also appears as Angwushahai-I (Crow Bride) and is dressed all in white. Some Hopi consider them separate Kachina while some believe they are the same acting in different roles.
Crow Mother acts as a supervisor to her sons, the Hu' (Whippers) in the initiation of children ceremony. Soon after this she has another important function to perform. She carries a basket of corn kernels and bean sprots and leads a procession of Kachina into the village which symbolically opens the new season.

Besides being mother to the Hu', she is also considered to be mother of all Kachina. She wears a white wedding belt, black dress and a Bride's blanket with rain symbols embroidered along the borders. As Crow bride she is dressed in white and has different markings.

Crow Mother is a tutelary deity of the Kachina clan.

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